About Emerald Dental Works

"We understand the systems we sell.
We use them everyday!"

 Your Complete CAD/CAM Solution Provider


In 2004, Emerald Dental Works was created as part of Rotsaert Dental Laboratory located in Hamilton, Ontario as a provider of 3M ESPE Lava Zirconia crowns and bridges to dental laboratories across Canada. Emerald Dental Works has been supporting Dental Labs to grow in the Digital Workflow ever since.
In 2014, Emerald started selling exocad and has now expanded into a broader provider of Digital Workflow solutions for Laboratories and Dental Offices across Canada. These digital solutions are used in Rotsaert Dental Laboratory which is then shared with our Dental Community.
Our knowledge, experience and expertise come with every purchase of the Digital Workflow. We create a partnership to support your business enabling you to grow to make your investment successful.