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Scantist 3D

Scantist 3D Permanent Spray, 200ml

Scantist 3D Permanent Spray, 200ml

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  • Extraoral scan spray for use in the dental field
  • To optimize the recording quality for CAD/CAM recordings, camera/video recordings, structured light scans, blue light scans, etc.
  • Evaporates / sublimates automatically after application
  • Contains no pigments - no titanium dioxide (TiO2) - no contamination of object, environment and user
  • Non-slip surface
  • Ultra thin layer thickness
  • Very fine homogeneous coating
  • Efficient and economical thanks to precise and precise application using a special valve with fine nozzle
  • Adheres to all materials - even on very smooth surfaces
  • No corrosive effect
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