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Determining and communicating the correct tooth shade has a significant impact on the esthetic result of a restoration, particularly in monolithic treatments, where characterization with stains and glaze is becoming increasingly important. The CTE independence of VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS means they can be applied to almost all ceramic materials, allowing a more chromatic shade to be achieved quickly and easily within a VITA classical A1–D4 shade group.

If the shade of a restoration fails to harmonize with the existing teeth during fitting or insertion, VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS can be used as a rapid remedy; there is no need to remake the restoration. It is sufficient to carry out a stain fixation firing or stain/glaze firing in order to give the restoration more chroma and achieve a perfect shade match.

In general, the greater the change in chroma, the thicker the powder and liquid mix must be to achieve a higher chroma. The mix is made correspondingly thinner for finer chroma nuances. A straightforward stain fixation firing or combination firing with VITA AKZENT Plus Glaze (or VITA AKZENT GLAZE LT) will fix the chromatic change on the restoration.

Universal and efficient 

VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS are CTE independent stains that can provide a change of shade saturation across the full ceramic range. This applies to all ceramic veneering systems: VITA VM, VITA VMK Master as well as VITA TITANKERAMIK. Now, even monolithic or veneered treatments based on CAD/CAM, such as VITABLOCS, zirconia VITA YZ (T and HT) and VITA SUPRINITY PC zirconia-reinforced glass ceramics can be modified quickly and efficiently to guarantee harmonious shade integration of the final restoration.